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Creating exciting and super-erotic XXX audio porn! 
[EXCLUSIVE] means the audio is NOT available to the public, and is reserved for only my very-best quality audio plays.

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[ARTWORK ONLY] Taiga and Karen Dakimakura [NOT SFW]

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[ARTWORK ONLY] Taiga and Karen Dakimakura [SFW]

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OolayTiger, Karen Kim and Momo Patches [PHYSICAL MERCH]

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Taiga-tan Beanie [PHYSICAL MERCH]

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Taiga-tan Snapback Hat [PHYSICAL MERCH]

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Tiger Face Mask [PHYSICAL MERCH]

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NEW (Limited run!) Oolay-Tiger feat. sinkaraia | Premium T-shirt [PHYSICAL MERCH]

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NEW (Limited run!) Taiga-Tan feat. sinkaraia Unisex Hoodie [PHYSICAL MERCH]

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[SFX PACK] 18+Sound Effects

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