[SFX PACK] 18+Sound Effects

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[SFX PACK] 18+Sound Effects

Oolay-Tiger VA🎙
7 ratings

This is a MASSIVE library I've made/collected over the years, for use in NSFW animations, games, audio plays and more!

Sound effects include: wet/dry slaps and slides, penetration noises, blowjob sucking, licking, spurting/squirting, skin movement/slaps, swallows, and MORE!
It does NOT contain any voice.

These sound effects are not to be used for the following types of projects:

- Rape / non-con (non-enjoyment, being unconscious, saying ‘stop’, ‘no’, etc)
- Underage characters (loli / shota, characters in school uniforms, 'aged-up')
- Bestiality (non-sentient/non-verbal quadrupeds, characters with non-human or horse genitalia)
- Transphobia (fetishization or slurs, futa is OK)
- Racism (fetishization, raceplay, Queen of Spades, BBC or slurs)
- Birthing, scat, gas, real people/celebrites, vore/gore, violence, torture or snuff

I must also be credited for use of my work, every time it is used in a project.This can be in the form of:
- A Twitter at ( @oolaytiger )
- A link to my Twitter or Patreon in the description
- My screen name in the video or credits ( OolayTiger)

I want this!
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