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[ASHLEIGH] High-Class Esc*rt (18+EroAudio) - NEW AUDIO!

If you LOOOVE extra-slutty women, you'll go coo-coo for my newest self-produced audio!
It's 28 minutes of pure voice-only SEX.



In order to make some extra money, Ashleigh takes a job as an escort. At first, she is a little grossed out when she finds out her client is a 50-year-old man. Expecting a decrepit old geezer, Ashleigh arrives at his hotel, only to be surprised to find a hot, silver-haired hunk! After treating her to an amazing night on the town, Ashleigh is putty in his hands, and she is very eager to show her gratitude.

[RUNTIME] 28mins

[CONTAINS] female voice only (no sound effects), slutty, bimbo, escort, paid sex, Daddy kink, age difference, sugaring, blowjob, fackfuck, gagging, snowballing, swallowing, dirty talk, cunnilingus, squirting, PIV sex, rough sex, crying, hair-pulling, self-degradation, creampie, anal sex, anal creampie.


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